Intention and Impact

We created a theater piece that looks like a wake to create the feeling of regret. We wanted our actions along with the melancholic music to communicate our message. Camille used gesture to enhance the message. The gesture used was to touch my face fondly as if to reflect the feeling of familiarity and she was supposed to say, “I should have known” to hint to the audience that she hovered the feeling of regret. We had the character who was dead wear a white dress to signify peace and the idea that an innocent soul has left the world to go to a better place. The flower bouquet was meant to create the scene of a wake and the act of Camille placing the hoodie next to the dead body showed that she was close to that person and had a connection to her. When we acted out our scenario the audience felt that the emotion that we were trying to reflect was sadness and mourning instead of regret. They felt that way because of the way Cheick just passed by the dead person which showed that he had no relation to her. That action broke the familiar atmosphere that we were trying to create. One of our actors also failed to say the significant line, “I should have known.” which was supposed to convey the feeling of regret. Because we failed to say the line, the audience wasn’t convinced so we didn’t have the impact we wanted.

Initial Reaction to The Skin of Our Teeth Act II

What I see?

  • The sea
  • A large crowd
  • Seagulls
  • A podium on a stage with Mr. Antrobus standing infront of it
  • Mrs. Androbus is sitting in the front row of the crowd next to her children
  • A dock
  • A fair, a ferris wheel
  • Rollercoasters
  • Small shops
  • A fortune teller in a suspicious looking shop
  • Dark clouds approaching, a gloomy sky
  • A big wooden boat
  • The press and cameras

What the characters are like?

  • Mrs. Antrobus is a bitter, controlling woman
  • Mr. Antrobus is a kind man
  • Sabina is a beautiful desperate, seductive woman
  • Gladys is an innocent, smart girl
  • Henry is a bit bizzare

What I hear?

  • The waves crashing
  • The wind
  • Seagulls chirping
  • People’s footsteps on wood
  • People chattering
  • Thunder

What I smell?

  • Salt water
  • Rotting garbage
  • Wet animals

What I feel?

  • cold, moist air
  • confusion (what is wrong with Glady’s stockings?)
  • Strong winds
  • Sadness when Mrs. Antrobus talks about the promise of marriage
  • A sense of urgency when the winds come

What I understand:

  • There is some humor in the act when Sabina refuses to act the scene
  • I understand that the end of the act is supposed to be like Noah’s ark

What I touch:

  • Metal/wooden railings
  • hands
  • Random, sticky substances on the railings

PSA Reactions

Teen Anti-Smoking:

  1. They were trying to stop teens from smoking.
  2. It was not very successful
  3. Most teens already know that smoking is bad for them but they continue to do it anyway. The video does not address the root cause of why teens smoke because it says that they smoke because celebrities do it. The facts in the end could have made more of an impact if the PSA focused on displaying that information. The facts went by very quickly so it was not easy to read.

College Tuition:

  1. They were trying to convey that college prices were going up and that it is hard for students to find the money to pay for it so colleges they must lower the prices.
  2. Not very successful
  3. The audience is not very clear. They show pictures of luxury items and ask “Could you afford this when you were 18?” indicating that the audience are those going to college but then the message is that college tuitions are too expensive so they must be lowered and in that case the audience are colleges.

Stop bullying:

  1. They were trying to stop people from bullying.
  2. Yes it was successful
  3. They used the effect of shock by showing the direct effects that bulling can have on a person. They used color to enhance their message by making the red blood stand out and making everything else pale. It puts your focus on the subject which the color represents.


  1. They were trying to emphasize that consent before sex is important or else it is rape.
  2. Not very successful
  3. The music they used made it seem more like a horror movie. It had more of an effect to those that could become victims of rape instead of targeting the perpetrators. It could have been more successful if they showed effects rape could have on someone.

1 is 2 Many:

  1. They want to put an end to sexual assault.
  2. Quite successful
  3. They used public figures that people look up to to convey their message. They used slow music which emphasized that the topic was serious. The people spoke slowly so that every word could be heard and understood.

Drugs Drugs Drugs:

  1. They want children to be aware of which drugs were good and which were bad.
  2. Not successful at all
  3. The way they used an upbeat song, happy children, the song lyrics, and the scenes where parents were watching children took drugs completely diverted the message of the PSA. It made it seem like it was just a casual happy thing when in reality it is something very serious and dangerous.

Poison is Bad:

  1. They want to say that poison is bad for you.
  2. Not successful at all.
  3. The way they used upbeat music, the way the person was singing, the way the person was acting made this PSA seem like a joke. The guy in the video was using a stereotypical accent. Even the lyrics of the song made it seem very ridiculous. Also the way he looked and carried himself made it very comical.

“Do Something” Bullying:

  1. To inspire people to stop bullying from happening.
  2. Not very successful.
  3. The acting made it look very set up. When the facts came up on the screen there were background sound effects that distracted the readers. When the officers were speaking they lacked emotion in their voices which made it sound very scripted. To enhance their message they could have given examples of how to stop bullying from happening or how someone else can intervene when they see it happening.